About JP Coleman Construction


Having grown up in Melbourne Florida, I later attended the University of Florida and received a bachelor’s degree in Building Construction.  Upon graduation, I moved to Naples where I started my career with D Garrett Construction as a project manager.  Having been with the same firm for over eleven years, I have overseen a full variety of projects from multifamily to high end residential, and country club clubhouse renovations to financial institutions and historic buildings. This eleven-year period amounted to over $100 million dollars in volume and provided me a diverse knowledge of construction and management. As I evaluated my future, I felt it was time to take the next step in my career and follow my heart to start JP Coleman Construction.

Learning from the diversity of projects, the single aspect I enjoyed the most was the intimate relationship you formed with a client when working hand in hand to accomplish their vision.  When building with a larger firm, one of the most difficult transitions for an owner during the construction process, is the hand-off from one person to another during the various phases of the project.   I truly saw the benefit when I was able to work with the client from the original estimating process, through construction, to the completion stage.  This is the root of my business plan and how I will conduct my projects.

My hands on approach and enthusiasm makes each project a success and I pride myself on keeping the best interest for the customer on the fore front of all decisions and actions.  My core values have always revolved around maintaining my honesty and integrity.  I look forward to being a part of your project and forming a relationship that will last into the future.

JP Coleman,